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terms and Conditions

Please review the following terms and conditions carefully.


Terms and Conditions


By choosing to work with 1122 Apparel LLC, you agree to the following terms and conditions:




  1. We send estimates through Quickbooks for you to approve your items. Once you approve your estimate, that gives 1122 Apparel permission to purchase your items immediately from our suppliers and begin your order.

  2. If for any reason you want to cancel your order after your estimate has been approved, there will be a 10% restocking fee if our suppliers allow it. If not allowed, you will be responsible for covering the full invoice amount.




  1. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice unless other arrangements have been made in written form, sent to

  2. If the total invoice amount is more than $4,500, and you have set up an arrangement with us in written form, we require a 50% down payment before we purchase any of your items.

  3. If payment has not been received, or confirmation of payment having been sent, within 15 days of the invoice date, your invoice will incur a 5% late fee from the total amount stated on your invoice. If your invoice has still not been paid after 20 days from the invoice date, your invoice will incur another 10% late fee, on top of the previous fee.

  4. If you would like a 3% discount on your order, that discount will be applied if you choose to pay by check or bank transfer. Please notify us of which payment method you prefer.


Art + Custom Stores


  1. We charge $40/hour for custom artwork or if changes to your art are needed.

  2. If a custom store is being built by 1122 Apparel for you or your business, up to 10 unique items added to your store are FREE of charge. Anything above 10 will be an additional $15/item set up charge.

  3. With all custom stores and if your store has a close date, once the store has closed no more orders can be added without 1122 Apparel approval. (Additional fees may apply)



  1. If you are wanting to bring your own items to decorate, we cannot guarantee we can decorate them due to the nature and make of some items. 1122 Apparel would need to inspect those items before any decision can be made. There may be additional charges to items that are brought to us.

  2. If you are bringing your own items, 1122 Apparel is not responsible for damaged products during production.


    1. 1122 Apparel does not accept refund or returns for decorated apparel or products. In the case that there was a mistake on our end, we do require that all items that have errors be returned to 1122 Apparel before we replace them.​



  1. By reviewing this document, you agree to receive texts/emails with updates on your order that will inform you throughout the decoration process. You can alway opt out at any time.

1122 Apparel "Pop Up Stores"

1. Purpose and Scope of Services


1.1 1122 Apparel will provide Influencer with the following services:

  • Design (if needed), decoration, and fulfillment of custom apparel for the purpose of promoting Influencer's brand or supporting a cause.

  • Construction of a custom website for the sale of Influencer's merchandise.


1.2 Stores created by 1122 Apparel are provided to Influencer free of charge.


1.3 It is recommended to have 1-6 items available in the initial pop-up shop to begin promoting merchandise.


1.4 The store is recommended to be open for a duration of 1-3 weeks.


1.5 All merchandise items will be decorated and shipped following the store's closure. The estimated completion date for the production and shipping of merchandise is 3-4 weeks from the store's closing date. (depending on time of year, production and shipping times will vary)


1.6 If Influencer requires assistance with designing their apparel, 1122 Apparel can provide design support.


1.7 For samples of merchandise, Influencer can request them at their cost, which includes the price of the merchandise item, decoration, and shipping. Influencer should contact 1122 Apparel for pricing.

1122 Apparel will not and is unable to send samples without decoration.


2. Fulfillment and Shipping


2.1 1122 Apparel will be responsible for all aspects of packaging, shipping, and customer service related to merchandise orders.


2.2 1122 Apparel may provide bonuses to Influencer when their store reaches a certain amount of orders, as determined by 1122 Apparel.


3. Returns and Refunds


3.1 1122 Apparel does not accept returns or refunds due to the custom nature of each item made. However, exceptions apply in the following cases:

  • If the merchandise item arrives damaged.

  • In case of a mistake on the part of 1122 Apparel (e.g., wrong item, color, or size compared to the original order).


3.2 Shipping and handling charges on orders are non-refundable.


3.3 In the event of a refund, it will cover the price of the returned item(s) and applicable tax, but not the cost of shipping.


3.4 It is the responsibility of the buyer of each store to provide the correct shipping address. If a package is lost due to an incorrect address provided by Influencer, no refund will be issued.


3.5 According to Company policy, replacements or refunds for lost, missing, or stolen packages will not be sent or issued if at least 20 days have passed since the original shipment date. Frequently, packages are found or delivered within this timeframe.


4. Payouts


4.1 Payouts to Influencer will be made within 1 week of their store being closed.


4.2 Payouts will be processed through PayPal. If Influencer does not have a PayPal account, they must sign up for one to receive payouts.


5. Confidentiality


5.1 Both Parties agree to keep confidential all proprietary and sensitive information they may access or exchange during the course of this contract.

If you have any questions about our "Pop Up Stores", please reach us at We will be more than happy to answer any questions you many have!

1122 Apparel Pop Up Stores
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