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What is the price of a T-Shirt?

Let's say you are a Real Estate agent and I ask you, "Hey, I want a house, how much does it cost?" You would say to me, "Well, it depends, what kind of house do you want? How many bedrooms, do you want a yard? Etc."

Same thing goes for a shirt. What kind of shirt? What color? Do you want a cheap shirt or a more high end one?
 What material? It all depends on what you want. Not all shirts cost the same. Neither do houses.

How much does Screen Printing Cost?

Screen Printing price depends on several factors:

- # of C
olors in your logo
- # of Locations (front, back, right sleeve, etc.)
- Quantity of items being printed on
- Type of item you are printing on

How much does Embroidery cost?

Embroidery depends on several factors:

- # of stitches used in logo.
- Size of y
our logo
Quantity of items being embroidered

Best file types to use for your designs

Their are two main types of image files: Vector and Raster.
Vector files are the best to have when dealing with printing or embroidery. It will almost always produce the best possible result when printing or embroidering your logo.

File Formats FInal (3).png

Vector file pro tips

Their There are two issues that tend to crop up regarding vector files:

Create "Outlines" of your fonts

When working in a vector format, the fonts you are using are native to your own computer and do not automatically send with the file you send to your printer.
The default state of the text is "live" which just means editable.
This can be a problem if your printer does not have that exact font you use.
If you need to keep your fonts "live", send your printer the fonts along with the vector files.

Avoid font problems by creating "outlines."
In Illustrator, select all your type, then under the "Type" menu, select "Create Outlines." This will conve
rt all your fonts into text shapes which will help your printer out immensely.


Why did my shirts cost more than I expected?

When you receive a quote here are somethings to remember that will bump up the price of your shirt.

  • # of colors in your logo.

  • You have designs on the front, back, sleeve, etc. of the shirt

  • Or you only ordered 1 shirt.


Those are just a few variables.

Keep in mind when designing for screen printing, the number of colors, locations, type of shirt and the number items being printed on.

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